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Kraye Family Updates

Flowers on the Kraye Angus Ranch before the hail
Flowers on the Kraye Angus Ranch before the hail
These are pictures of my flowers before the hail on the 6th of July 2013 and after, and then when they finally recovered in September.
Flowers on the Kraye Angus Ranch after the hail
This spring, I drove my 4 wheeler out onto the pivot to watch the grouse boom, and this little fellow, came right up to me! In fact he was so close, I had to take the zoom off of the camera, and he made me nervous a few times, getting so close. He danced and performed for me, all the while chattering and chuckling. It was an amazing experience for me! The poor guy was heart broken when I had to leave. He followed me all the way across the pivot.


David has matured into a full time rancher, and has become a vital part of the daily operations, at Kraye Angus.  Whether they are calving, haying, fencing or involved in their many construction projects, John and David don't have any trouble staying busy.   David has spent many hours getting to know the bull calves and letting them get to know him.   David has a very sharp mind, and a real knack for pedigrees, so there is very little about the Kraye cattle herd, that he doesn't know. David attended an artificial insemination school, in November of 2008. After having been around the AI corrals all of his life, David thought that it was time that he learned how to AI, so that there could be two inseminators, instead of just one. The insemination process was a little harder than David had expected, and he was a little hesitant, at first, but after helping to breed 670 cows his confidence was much improved and he did an excellent job. Our percentage of cows settling to their AI date was as high this year as it ever has been.


David had some exciting news! He asked his longtime girlfriend, Stacy Layher, to marry him and she said yes! They are busy planning a wedding on October 12, 2019. David and Stacy are a cute couple and we will all welcome her with open arms.

David and Stacy Kraye
David's new house at the ranch
David's new house
David's new house
David, Don Sullivan & John.
David, Don Sullivan, & John G.
David @ 2006 Bull Sale.
David, John & customers @ 2006 Sale.
David Kraye
David Kraye
David & Shelby at our ranch sign.
David checking the cows this past winter.

Helen started out 2009 with a two week long trip thru Greece and Turkey. Helen went with a group of fellow Doane Students, and they toured quite a few cities in Greece and walked thru lots of historic ruins. She visited several island communities where the only open space was the sidewalks between the buildings. Culture shock for a girl from the wide open plains of Nebraska! Even though Helen was completely out of her own element, her friendly personality asserted itself and Helen and two of her friends struck up a conversation with a local couple, who invited the girls into their home for tea, so that the girls got to see exactly how the people in that part of the world live.
Helen look lots of pictures on her trip and somehow most of the photos had a stray cat or a dog, in them. Helen claimed that the animals just seemed to follow her around! Surprisingly quite a few of the pictures that Helen’s friends took were pictures of Helen holding these stray cats and dogs. Not too hard to figure out why they were following her.

Helen graduated from Doane College, on May 17th, 2009 with a bachelors’ degree in Chemistry. On the 28th day of May, she packed her car and started off on a 1380 mile journey to Rochester New York. Helen accepted an offer to attend graduate school, at the University of Rochester, to work towards a doctorate degree in Chemistry. Helen also accepted a job offer to spend the summer months doing research in a chemistry lab at the University.
It’s been an adjustment, for all of us. Helen had leased a one bedroom apartment, sight unseen, over the internet, and the first order of business when she got to New York was to furnish her apartment and get settled in before starting work in the lab.

Since school has started, Helen is a full time student, a teacher’s assistant for two labs, and has to do a minimum of 16 hours of research each week. Helen hasn’t had much of an opportunity to visit much of the New York area, but she has already decided that whatever her future holds, it will more than likely happen west of the Mississippi River!

After trudging through a year in New York, Helen left grad school and struggled to find her path in life for a while.
In 2013 Helen went to work in Blair Nebraska at a German company called Evonik, where she works in the lab, as a Q&A chemist.

Helen bought a house in Fremont that had a large backyard for her dog, and she has since added 3 cats to the family.

Helen gets home a couple times a year, for holidays or the bull sale, and we go to her house every few months for a weekend, often going to Omaha to see a play or visit the zoo.

In May of 2018 Helen left her job at Evonik and took a position in Red Oak Iowa. Her new job was the Quality Control Manager at Bungee, a corn flour plant. The company was excited to have her join their team and part of her inducement package was a moving company to move her from Fremont to Red Oak. Helen bought a nice little house in a very nice neighborhood. She is thrilled to live only 8 minutes from work.

The Red Oak plant is a new acquisition for Bungee, and they didn’t have any quality control protocols in place, so much of Helen’s job so far has been getting the necessary paperwork in place to document the work in the lab.

Red Oak is an old town, but it has everything that Helen needs, and she has made some good friends, and she is only an hour away from the friends that she has in Omaha.


Helen's new house in Red Oak

Helen's house in Red Oak


Helen's house in Fremont
Helen's house in Fremont
Helen at Doane.
Helen receiving award @ Doane.

Helen with Shelby.
Helen Kraye Helen Kraye
Helen Graduating!

Helen Kraye
Dr. Andrea Holmes, Helen & John
Helen Kraye Helen Kraye
Helen's Doane Snowman 2008
Helen with her snowman 2008 Helen & Kaylee with their snowman.
Helen and her good friend, Kaylee, found time in their busy schedules to sculpt a life sized snowman in the winter of 2008! Isn't it amazing what three years of college can teach you!

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